Rise offers therapy as well as qualified supervision for interns working towards full licensure.

Why Seek Therapy?

Sometimes we get off track or what might feel “out of balance”. This could be by our own doing (often unintentionally) or this could be caused by circumstances out of our control.  Therapy can help provide the tools to get back on track, feel empowered, and balanced.  Life is a constant search for balance. We are here to help.

There are also times when we just need a safe place to process things. Life can be difficult, challenging, or even painfully stagnant at times (same old thing). Life around us is ever changing and we must always be evolving and developing to cope with the constant changes and challenges. If you have unresolved issues from your past, you can be unexpectedly triggered (sudden extremely uncomfortable feelings) at any point in your life. Therapy can provide a space to work through past issues and provide tools to help effectively cope with triggers.

The need for therapy is different for everyone. You are unique and so is your therapeutic journey. Sometimes therapy is just a tool to get through the current phase of life or “season”. Other times therapy is part of a lifelong journey to healing. Whether you are dealing with lack of motivation, low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, trauma related symptoms, or anything in-between that is negatively impacting your quality of life, therapy can help you navigate these situations.

We Can Help

Are you feeling STUCK? Whether this stagnation is in your personal or professional life, feeling stuck can be mentally paralyzing.  Therapy can help you work through this phase and go to the next chapter in your life.

Often, fear is at the base of this “stuck” feeling. Through talk therapy we will help you steadily uncover your fears while instilling the confidence to move forward. This can be complex and take time, yet it is often necessary to move forward in life. The goal is to process emotions and identify thinking patterns that might be holding you back. We then seek to instill more empowering thinking patterns and begin to plan goals to take the necessary steps to move forward in your journey.

One area of specialty includes: “phase of life issues” … sometimes these are consequences of personal choices and other times they are results due to circumstances out of our control. Either way therapy can help navigate this situation and help empower you to the path of confidence in the next direction.